August 04, 2010

My Art For Sale at Thompson's Frame Shop

Before my art career, frame shops were a necessary evil. I needed stuff framed to hang them on the wall, didn't really care what the frame looked like. Lots of money and sometimes didn't like it... And, it took forever.

And, then I found Thompson's Frame shop at 7560 Holcomb Bridge Road  in Alpharetta. (My daughter happened to be taking dance a few doors down.) When I first took my art there, and they said it would be ready the next day, and I was shocked. But that's their way. Many years later, when I started framing my art of course I used the Holcomb Bridge store, but one day I wondered if the Thompson's at 1062 Johnson Ferry was part of the same group. And, sure enough. I had my order delivered to Johnson Ferry and picked it up there and began working with the wonderful staff at Johnson Ferry.

Laura, Carrie and Angela are amazing and very talented! The frame shop is more like a coffee shop in attitude. Yes, I have framed many works by now, but they make it fun and know all about their customers. And, we learn about them too. And, my art is still ready the next day. But the best part is that my art is now for sale there. I hope you willl stop by and take a look. There are four framed images:  Flowing, Curtsey, Waltzing, and Together and loose, unframed photographs of 20 flowers. I started this blog post because Carrie and I were looking through my new ACEOs recently and together came up with the cute title of "First Date" for these flowers. This is my latest addition to Etsy, and the image was selected for two treasuries the first day I listed it. Here are a couple coupons to get you to Thompson's.

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laura m said...

Hazel, looove that title... never knew it. Thanks for the shout out in your blog, I think you got us pretty well.