August 08, 2010

Sara Evans Sings after Braves Win

Sara Evans is absolutely my favorite singer. Why? I do love the twang; she's country. Also, I guess in part because I heard her Cryin' Game after a particularly bad breakup, and it just settled me some how... And, I love her rendition of I Could Not Ask for More, an Edwin McCain song. In my opinion her version blows his out of the water. This photograph below (of mine) is named after this song.

The concert was perfect at the Braves. My youngest said, "This is boring. I've heard all these songs thousands of times." Which really made me smile.  But he was lucky to be there. His young friend happened to know all the words to Cheap Trick's "I want you to want me," which Sara closed with. She played two songs she doesn't usually play at a concert:  Backseat of a Greyhound Bus (which is a sad song about a woman/girl falling in love with her baby she births on the backseat of a greyhound bus) and Coalmine (I love this because my grandfather was a coalminer, and I so wonder if my grandparents might have... in this song, which is very hard to imagine). Here's the list of song she sang tonight 8/7/2010..

As if
Born to fly
Backseat of Greyhound Bus
I Keep Looking
Saints and Angels
A Little Bit Stronger (New single written by Hilary Scott to be released 9/20)
Suds in the Bucket
Real Fine Place
I Could Not Ask for More
I Want You to Want Me

But when Sara sang Coalmine I was hopeful she might sing Pray for You, which is my favorite song. This is a sweet song about going back to mom's. I did not have that, so imagining it in the song is so wonderful. And, I hope my children will feel this way.... Sara is one of 7 children, so she probably had the whole porch thing. Here are the lyrics. Take a listen too.

Sometimes I wish I could run home to mama's lovin' arms

In the springtime, when the weather's fine
Sittin' with her on the porch, glass of tea and nothin' more
Than her smile, for just a little while
And when I don't know where to go
I think of home and how she use to sing to me, she sang
Que sera, sera, life goes on
Whatever's meant to be will always be
And baby what don't kill you, will make you strong
Just love the journey that your on
In all you do, I'll pray for you

Wild horses and fairy tales sometimes turn into somethin' else
That you never saw comin' at you at all
So I guess I'm callin' just because he wasnt who I thought he was
And I can't believe he stopped lovin' me
So, when I'm feelin' all alone
I think of home and how you used to sing to me

---Repeat Chorus---

I got babies of my own
And I'm the one that they're countin' on to be here
For every little tear, and I'll sing

---Repeat Chorus---

Ok... so did I take my camera to the Braves game? Of course. And, I did pay attention to the game. We are now big Wagner fans. I think he pitched nine strikes in a row to seal the shutout. By the way, A camera lens needs to be smaller than 5 inches for entry in Turner Field, so these were shot at some distance with a 200 mm lens. Search stadium bag rules to find out before you attend the game. The Tampa Rays allows a 12 inch lens.


Karen said...

Love this and now I want to send this song to Jill! Thanks, Hazel! Sounds like you had a great time all around! :)

MagMoment said...

Yes! We really had a wonderful time. One of my favorite things is take a carload of children on an outing. The harder the better. This was a little crazy with five, but I was only missing one child for 30 seconds... and they all had a great night!

Hunter said...

Hey Hazel!

I loved you review of Sara's concert and really liked the picture you took. Would you mind if I posted them on my fansite? Of course, you'd get full credit!

Please let me know. =)


MagMoment said...

Hunter, I would be honored! Thanks so much. Hazel

Krishenka said...

I would love to have gone to this and enjoyed your review even felt like I was there. Loved it and delighted to have found your blog.