August 12, 2010

Add a Little Flair to Facebook, Twitter and Etsy

Today I am writing a post for my own reference and for those of you whom do not know. A friend of mine decorated her wedding anniversary post on facebook with hearts, so...  "I want those hearts in my tweets and other postings," you say. Press and hold down the [Alt] key on your keyboard and type the following numbers on the number pad on the right of the keyboard.

[Alt] 3  ♥

[Alt] 13 ♪

[Alt] 14  ♫

[Alt] 167 ยบ (on the mac [Op] 0) I think this is a zero

[Alt] 0189 ½

[Alt] 0188 ¼

[Alt] 0169 © (on the mac [Op] g)

[Alt] 0174 ® (on the mac [Op] r)

[Alt] 0153 ™

In another life I was a computer programmer, so this all makes total sense to me, but just do it if you want to jazz up your posts. Click the most complete listing of codes I found here. Happy posting♥. Yes, send me your questions...


Lisa said...

thanks for the post!!! i always wondered...i'm a mac person, but i'll try them!

MagMoment said...

Lisa, I found out some of them. Try the option key.

Lisa said...

Thanks...I used the option/alt key & found the ones you found...I'll search around on the net to see if there are others. Hope you're having a great day!