August 21, 2010

Teal, Turquoise, Blue, Green and Aqua Etsy Treasury

Yes, a treasury it s miniature art gallery with a nice theme or color scheme going on. I do love creating treasuries. This time I found a bunch of cute teal items and then in the end my theme, idea kinda gelled. It made it to the first page of treasuries today, Saturday, and hung out there. I created it around 10 am. Of course, I convoed all the lucky artists. This time I personalized each note I sent. Next, I tweeted and then added it to my facebook fan page.

Here it is for rememberance.

Put on a cute dress, grab your pocketbook, crank up the truck and head on OUT! You never know what might happen...

Study this one. There are baby clothes, children's clothes, bowls, a recipe box, fields and of course pretty jewels. Here are a few comments with a link to their shops.

creativevisions adds: Too cute! Magical combo of colors and items, just love it... Thanks for including my dragonfly tags!

artsfartsymemories: I LOVE everything here- This is my favorite Treasury this week- LOVE IT!

What fun! Thanks Etsy.
Footnote... my treasury moved off  the first treasury page Sunday. But I have gotten many more view. On Monday it says

 * 1584 views * 439 clicks * 55 comments

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