July 09, 2009

Back to Tennessee

Mileage 276

Like Billy Ray Cyrus sings we made our way back to Tennessee today.This song is in The Hanna Montana Movie, which I saw twice when Disney released it.I viewed it two times because I wanted all of my children to see the film. It is a great show about the importance of family, love, visiting relatives, decisions, priorities and career. Hanna had to make decisions in the show about what was really important.

Everytime I see her and am reminded that it is also amazing that she is so successful at 16. This is a lesson for both children and adults. Hanna/Miley has a huge impact with her clean, fun songs and TV show. Take a listen and buy her movie when it is released on DVD.

The Clinch river is moving, and I found a new spot to photograph, which is above. At Grandma and Grandpa's we saw many rabbits, cows, a beaver, a heron, blue birds, swallows and
at least five cats.

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