July 14, 2009

Plant Id

Please teach your children to identify a few plants. I distinctly remember the day my little four year old pointed out the window of our home and said, "Look there is a red blue-jay." So, we taught him a new word "cardinal." But you'll get my point, he did not call it a red bird.

I have the pleasure of teaching children in my photography camps, the names of many flowering plants. Right now the crepe mrytle are in full bloom in Marietta, Georgia. Teach your children that the flowering trees, trimmed by many gardeners, are crepe mrytle. This is easy to quiz them on right now... ask them the name on every street in all the pink, purple and white varities as you drive by. To the left is the whole tree for identification. To the right, is my art version.

The reason I bring this up, is I do not know the id of this plant. I so like to name my photographs by their names to help teach... can you help me out?


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