July 02, 2009

Plymouth and Cape Cod Bay

Family members have traced John Howland to our tree, and he was one of the 102 people to travel to America on the Mayflower. We visited Massachusetts every year when I was a young girl. But, I don't remember the ocean, which makes the biggest impression on me today.

I do remember being with my grandfather and grandmother the most. She taught us to love coffee ice cream and clam rolls. He took us for rides on the tractor and walked in the yard. We had marvelous clam bakes in the yard at the stone fireplace. I smelled the trees of their yard in Connecticut on our bike ride, and it took me back there walking from their garage to house. She could sew and he garden. I love both of these activities now. My grandparents have passed, but I can conjure a bit of them, which lives on in me.

Here is a photo I took last night of Cape Cod Bay near the Mayflower II, a reproduction of the original ship. We arrived just before a late closing night and got to step on board. But, Plymouth Rock is now inside a monument so we cannot touch it. It bears the famous 1620 mark and I know I have personally sat on it in the past. I'll look for the photo.

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