July 06, 2009

NYC via National Basketball Hall of Fame Springfield, MA

Mileage 350

I took a few photos as we left Nickerson State Park today. This is a photo of the pond near our campsite in area 1.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT) was amazing. There are times it crosses streets (road Xing), but it was really beautiful with scenic overlooks. Here is a shot below.

We stopped at the National Basketball Hall of Fame. It was a nice exhibit and a large store (which needed a little more merchandise) and some fun games for the kids. It wasn't crowded, so we got to do some activities more than once. All of the employees were very professional. I appreciated the positive spin on all the coaches and players.

We definitely drove through the city again. I thought I would stay in Staton Island, so I wouldn't have to drive through New York. We will be riding the ferry to Manhatten tomorrow.

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