July 01, 2009

Boston Harbor -- It's Magnificent

I love how our country is connected by rivers. The Charles River empties into Boston Harbor. We did not start the car today!

Instead we took a ferry to Georges Island one of the 34 islands and peninsulas in the Boston Harbor. Georges Island hosts Fort Warren. While on the island, I photographed many sparrows darting about, two cormorants and various flowers. Cormorants are very common birds with a huge population across the globe in different varieties. It looks like they may have an over population from quick Internet research. We stayed on the Georges for one hour and that was plenty of time to explore the island. Park rangers are a plenty, so this is a nice segue.

It did not rain until our return trip, but it did rain for a lot of the day. Hilton provided an umbrella, which was a much appreciated amenity. But the view of Boston from the boat was so cool. Take a look...

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