July 05, 2009

Provincetown, Massachusetts


Mileage 17

Bike Mileage 15.4

Provincetown is located at the "fingertips" of the arm hook of Massachusetts. Here is a shot of the town from the beach. We are driving to Nickerson State park, which is 17 miles from our hotel in Dennisport to camp for a night. This park has a nice bike path. I don't think we will have internet today, so I am uploading two photos from earlier.
Hydranga is one of my favorite flowering bushes. Hydranga is abundant here on the Cape. The bushes are old and larger than any I have seen. These must have been trimmed because the large blooms are all sticking out like bobbing boats or a sea of people.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! It's kind of overcast here in Atlanta today. Enjoying your journal! Love the pix from July 3. A real prize winner!

not sure how the "comment as works" so I wrote anonymous!

ellen berman