July 29, 2009

Legally Blonde Musical -- Motivating Girls and Women!

Ok, so Elle Wood's style and reason for applying and enrolling in Harvard Law are not exactly what I would wish for my own child... (chasing a guy, Warner Huntington III). But the idea of my daughter wanting to attend Harvard Law is appealing. This show is about much more. If you haven't seen the movie, take a look with your children! If nothing else, Harvard Law and Harvard becomes a place in their minds. My youngest wanted to know where Harvard was. (What a nice conversation to have!)

The broadway musical is based on the original movie and follows it very closely. I saw the musical at the Fox Theater in Atlanta recently and rewatched the film last night. The musical was well done. Even though the songs started out slowly and the "Omigod" song, I could have done without the G-d... the music was fresh. And I did shed a very few happy tears at the end and love the messages: to stick by our honor (Elle keeps her word in spite of a feisty law professor, Professor Callahan.) we can do ANYTHING! And, Elle uses her brain in the show to solve a murder mystery. Oh and contacts in the form of friends and sorority sisters do have a place.

The show is on tour in the U.S. and separately in London. Indeed, it was a mostly clean show except the "Bend and Snap" song and the UPS innuendos about packages. The movie is rated PG-13.

And for your viewing pleasure... there is also a Legally Blonde 2, which I like even more.

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