July 04, 2009

Fourth of July, 2009

Mileage 130
Bike Mileage 15.4
This is my favorite holiday! I love to prepare food and have it hot when we eat in the hours before fireworks, which is a challenge... I love listening to music and then watching fire works. Tonight we watched the sky light up in Hyannis (without a gourmet dinner because we are traveling). There was a band first and then a nice fireworks show. Here are a few photos from Hyannis. My fireworks shots were hand-held and the shutter was open for 4 seconds for most shots. We were overlooking the bay, so there is also a reflection and perhaps a full moon in the photos. The image on the right is unaltered.

Earlier today we were in Provincetown where we saw a drum corps play music.

And, the night before we listened to a band in Chatham. I'd say we got our money's worth as Fudge would say as he learned about money in Double Fudge by Judy Blume. This was our listening book for the Cape Cod drives. This story had many twists to its plot and kept all of us interested. We definitely celebrated the nation's holiday.

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